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Arbitration - What You See is What You Get
October 10th, 2013

Please read out new article about the inclusion of arbitration clauses in contracts.

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Practice Areas

Intellectual Property and Patent Law Infringement

When it becomes necessary to seek enforcement of your intellectual property rights in court, finding experienced counsel is vital. Our firm has extensive litigation expertise including patent jury trial experience, which most intellectual property attorneys have never done. In addition we have litigated trademark, copyright, and internet domain name disputes.

Our firm is uniquely situated to combine skilled counsel born from decades of litigation experience with small size and the ability to assemble patent professionals, expert witnesses, and support personnel as necessary on a case by case basis. The result is thorough yet efficient representation allowing you to achieve the maximum amount of litigation process.

Trademarks and Servicemarks

Trademarks and servicemarks are an important part of establishing your company’s reputation and the value of your goods and services. Our firm has extensive experience in obtaining trademark and servicemark registration in the United States.


Copyrights protect the ability of company to protect how its ideas are expressed. Many different types of works can be copyrighted including printed materials and catalogues, music, and computer programs.

Licensing Technology Transfer

Licensing technology transfer is an important part of achieving business objectives. Our firm has provided licensing services for a variety of technology areas, and will help you leverage your technology to fit your current and future needs.

Discovery and Litigation Conflict Resolution

The most expensive component of most commercial lawsuits is discovery. As any experienced litigator knows, motions and other procedures for resolving discovery and other disputes that arise in litigation in court are contentious, cumbersome and for the most part ineffective. Motions to compel and other procedures also often introduce a degree of hostility in the litigation procedure that is at best unproductive.

We are available to mediate or arbitrate discovery and other routine conflicts that arise in complex litigation and provide the parties an accessible, low-cost and low-risk vehicle for resolving discovery conflicts and avoiding costly discovery motions. Additionally, we can serve as a neutral to help parties negotiate various issues such as: fact stipulations and narrowing issues for summary judgment and trial. By serving in this capacity as the case progresses, we will be better situated to mediate a settlement of the case at the earliest opportunity.

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